Home Care

Improve patient outcomes using Manage My Health’s configurable, accessible,
and integrated remote monitoring system

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Accessibility in patient care

Our triage and monitoring solution

Developed by clinicians
Proactive monitoring to prevent hospital admissions
Improves patients’ health outcomes
Reduces health burden and operating costs
Augments existing health systems
Centralised command centre running virtual wards

Improve patient outcomes using Home Care

Command Centre - Monitor at Home

Monitor patients at home. Bluetooth enabled devices track vitals and allow for better informed clinical decisions.

Customisable Alerts

Customisable thresholds allow you to define when clinical events are shown to ensure timely corrective action.


Track patient symptoms with questionnaires that will delivery Patient Report Outcomes. Patients are reminded to complete the forms via push notifications. Clinicians are able to track measurement trends.

Virtual Consultations

Manage My Health makes it easy to identify at risk patients so that the care team can take corrective action via virtual consultations.

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